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Not a blatant rip-off of Mecha Dudes. Actually, I think* the "creator" of that game might have gone back in time to steal my idea. Because no one has even put robots or space in tabletop RPGs before. Someone please fix the timeline.

Also, buy this game instead. That other guy is like a millionaire* or something.

No, I didn't playtest this. I don't need to. I'm probably one of the best game designers ever. And, no, I didn't submit this to the Art Is Ego jam. It's over and I only just had this maybe completely original idea very recently.

The $50 Edition doesn't say that it's not the $50 Edition. That's it.

*I have absolutely zero proof of this. Nothing I say is libel**.

**That may or may not be how libel works.

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Pretty sure my robot is husband #2.


Can't usually go wrong with the standard models. Just make sure you avoid the old base Boomer model. The humor module burns out pretty fast on those. The only jokes they know are "wife bad" and "Millennial bad". It gets pretty boring.

Good advice. Thanks!