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Hey! I backed this on Kickstarter and have finally gotten around to trying it out, but had an initial question. Hopefully this is an appropriate place to ask:

I know the conditions BLEEDING and DRAINED are supposed to have negative consequences (page 5 states "which limits healing"/"limits recovery"), but I can't figure out exactly what they are. When TAKING A BEAT you can spend supply to remove either of the conditions plus heal HP/remove DREAD, respectively. It seems like there should also be an option to heal HP/remove DREAD without needing to have the BLEEDING or DRAINED conditions, and that it would be more effective?


You're right on it! You can only recover IF you're Bleeding or Drained. So, it's the other way around. It's less effective (or impossible) to recover during a delve unless you have been recently harmed. This creates an incentive to get hit as few times as possible.

I see it as, if you're getting hit multiple times, there will be lasting complications that can't be healed by a little bit of first aid.

Though, you're welcome to add in some extra recovery. Maybe each Beat only heals 1 HP if you're not Bleeding, etc. Or each Beat could be half as effective.

But, to be as hardcore as possible, you can't just keep resting in the dungeon to recover. You're being pushed to have to escape to be able to survive.

The. Dungeons. Will. End. You.

But really! Have fun. And good question.

Ahh, okay got it! The wording was throwing me off a bit because I was trying to figure out how it was limiting when there wasn't any other method described.  I kept thinking "limited as opposed to what?"

What you are saying makes a lot of sense. The environment/foes wear you down the longer you are there. You can stabilize yourself in a pinch, but your health and sanity will inevitably worsen until you can get your poor rogue out of there and properly recover.

I really appreciate the swift response. Thanks!

Yay! Happy Down Under (that is not a euphemism).

will you get access to the playtest editions by pre-ordering?


Not yet. My plan is to get the physical Kickstarter copies sent out to backers ASAP, and then I'll open up the PDFs to everyone. The games are finished, so I just need to print them, send them out, and then upload the final versions of the PDFs. I hope that answers your question! Thanks. :)

it sure does! Thanks!